April 2020 / Youth Teams (Club-Teams)


We can ajust these dates to your easterholidays.


Nettuno, the city of the sea and baseball, is on the coast just south of Rom and is ideal for European baseball teams to have spring training.


We will play games every day (except Wednesday , travel to Rom if you want.) in the Nettuno and Anzio Stadiums and use 2 other fields for training and practice.


For questions contact us:




Ruggero Bagialemani:                         +39 339 1671616

Martin Helmig:                                    +49 151 42663453            



Each team must travel to Nettuno on their own. Reasonably priced airport shuttles and other field shuttles can be arranged .



We have different hotels which are 25,00 € per night with breakfast .

175,00€ per person - 7 nights.



From 10,00€ per person with water at different restaurants or hotel. Pizzaplaces on every corner.


Example / Schedule:

Saturday:                               Arrival and practice is possible.

Sunday:                                  practice + game

Monday:                                 practice+ game

Tuesday:                                 practice + game

Wednesday:                          day of in Rom - if you want, easy with train.

Thursday:                              practice + game

Friday:                                    practice + game

Saturday:                               game and departure after


Our goal is it provied the best possible program according to your needs!

Make sure to bring enough pitching. Innings can be rolled after 20 pitches. Maybe get position players to fill in pitching. We want to play at least 7 innings per day.


If you can, bring an umpire and each team musst give 6 Baseballs per game.



175,00 € for the hotel plus 7,00 € groundskeepers fee for the week  à 182,00 € per player great price for a lot of baseball! Every extra day 25,00 €.
Prices for bus shuttle on request.

We don't over laundry service, but there is a laundromat in close by if needed.



500,00€ per team deposit by Febuary 15, 2020 to save your spot.

Pay to: Helmig Baseball IBAN : DE18472400470621884600, BIC: COBADEFFXXX


Rest must be paid in Nettuno on arrival.